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set of book is a combination of currency,calendar,chart of accounts. Four conditions when u change ur sob is:

1.check your currency

2.check your calendar

3.check your chart of accounts

4.You have to assign your sob to your responsibility 

If it is accounting period types, then there are three pre-defined types, namely month, quarter and year. User can also add period types.

If it is period status, then there are 5 period status, namely Never opened, Open, Future Enterable, closed and Permanently closed. 

Types of invoices:

  • Invoice
  • Credit Memo
  • Debit Memo
  • Gaurantee
  • Charge Back
  • Deposite 

Cross Validation Rule:Rules that define valid combinations of segment values a user can enter in an account. Cross-validation rules restrict users from entering invalid combinations of account segment values.

Security Rule:It determines the accounting transaction user can view at differenty levels of hierarchy, such as at Site Level -->Application Level --> Responsibility Level --> User level. 

1. Manual entry
2. Subledger Entry
3. Spreadsheet Entry
4. Recurring Entry
5. Mass Allocation 

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