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Overview of the Financial Statement Generator

Financial Statement Generator (FSG) is a powerful report building tool for Oracle General Ledger. With FSG, you can:

► Generate financial reports, such as income statements and balance

sheets, based upon data in your general ledger.

Note: If you have average balance processing enabled in your

set of books, you can report on functional, foreign?entered, or

translated average balances.

► Define segment value security rules to restrict financial

information contained in FSG report output generated by specific users and responsibilities.

Note: To apply segment value security rules, the profile option

FSG: Enforce Segment Value Security must be enabled. See: FSG:

Enforce Segment Value Security: page B ? 9

► Define your reports with reusable report objects, making it easy to create new reports from the components of reports you?ve already defined.

► Design custom financial reports to meet specific business needs.

► Print as many reports as you need, simultaneously.

► Print the same report for multiple companies, cost centers,
departments, or any other segment of your account structure, in the same report request.

► Schedule reports to run automatically.

► Produce ad hoc reports whenever you need them.

► Print reports to tab?delimited files for easy import into
client?based spreadsheet programs.In addition, you can use the Report Wizard feature of Applications Desktop Integrator to design and submit your financial repor 

HR data is at business group level.

GL Data is differentiated based on set of books id.

AP and AR data is mostly at operating unit level.

Inventory, BOM, WIP data is at inventory organizaiton level. 

GL date is the date used to determine the correct accounting period for your transactions where as the GL posting date is the date when the journal entry is posted th GL. 

GL is like AR->GL<-AP

AR and AP both transfer the data in GL .

AR Contains all Invoices/Receipts /CM/DM and same way AP also have AP Vouchers. 

For GL:
1. Set of Books(Chart of Accounts)

For AP:
3.Look up codes
4.Selection of Set of Books
5.Payment Terms
6.Financial & Payable Option
7.Define Banks

For AR:
2System option
3.Payment Terms
4.Open period
5.Auto Accounting
6.Transcation Type
7.Transcation Source 

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