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we integrate AR or AP to GL through Set of Books 

GL_POSTED_DATE :-Date on which transaction is posted to the GL accountGL_DATE :=GL Date to default to invoices during invocie creationFor more details you can look into the e-TRM of GL. 

when we receive the material after approve of purchase order 1 . when the Material Received at the Gate Receiving A/C Dr Material AP accrual A/C Cr2. When the Material delivered to The Inv Org Material A/c Dr Purchase Price Variance A/c Dr Receiving A/c Cr3. When the Invoice Is enterd into the Payable with Matching Of PO Material Ap Accrual A/c Dr Invoice Price Variance A/c Dr AP Liability A/c Cr 

Can upload Journal Entries using ADI (Application Desktop Integrator) functionality.

ADI is used to interface spreadsheet uploads with Oracle applications data. ADI allows users take advantage of many of the data-entry shortcuts of a spreadsheet, such as copying and pasting cells, dragging and dropping ranges of cells and using formulas to calculate journal line amounts. ADI validates the data entered against the accounts, security rules and reference information that are defined in the General Ledger (GL). 

When we have multiple setup and combine primary and secondary books getting the financial reports is called consolidation.

We will use consolidation reports at the time of period end closing

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