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Oracle PL - SQL Interview Questions

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Just use subquery in for clause

ex:For emprec in (select * from emp)



end loop;

no exit statement needed

implicit open,fetch,close occurs 

Implicit Cursor are declared and used by the oracle internally. whereas the explicit cursors are declared and used by the user. more over implicitly cursors are no need to declare oracle creates and process and closes autometically. the explicit cursor should be declared and closed by the user.

Implicit cursors are used for single row query whereas explicit cursor is used for multiple row query 

Execute procedure name (parameter1,parameter2)

Select timestamps, owner, obj_name, action_name from dba_audit_trail;this statement gives last executed time for procedure , function & package. 

yes we can use objects, arrays to return more than one value 

For improving performance, we need to check the sql statement blocks , because for every sql satement execution transfor to sql engine and come back to plsq engine that process takes more time to process the plsql block. 

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