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In the standard package.
Procedures, Functions & Packages ; 

A stored procedure is a sequence of statements that perform specific function. 

Cursor for loop implicitly declares %ROWTYPE as loop index,opens a cursor, fetches rows of values from active set into fields in the record and closes when all the records have been processed.
eg. FOR emp_rec IN C1 LOOP
salary_total := salary_total +emp_rec sal;

%ISOPEN - To check whether cursor is open or not
% ROWCOUNT - Number of rows fetched/updated/deleted.
% FOUND - To check whether cursor has fetched any row. True if rows are fetched.
% NOT FOUND - To check whether cursor has fetched any row. True if no rows are featched.
These attributes are proceeded with SQL for Implicit Cursors and with Cursor name for Explicit Cursors. 

DECLARE CURSOR cursor name, OPEN cursor name, FETCH cursor name INTO or Record types, CLOSE cursor name. 

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