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Perl Interview Questions

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About PERL:

PERL is Practical Extraction and Reporting language, which is a high level programming language written by Larry Wall. The more recent expansion is Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister .

PERL is a free open source language.

It is simple to learn as its syntax is similar to C

It supports OOP – Object oriented programming like C++

Unlike C/ C++ it is a lot more flexible in usage

When do we use PERL for Programming:

Generally PERL is used to develop web based applications even though libraries are available to program web server applications, database interfaces and networking components. Example: The popular e-commerce site www.amazon.com was developed with PERL.

Advantages of programming in Perl

As mentioned above, PERL
-is easier to understand due to its simple syntax
-is easier to use due to its flexibility
-supports OOP
-is easily readable 

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