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my $pat;
$pat='Using push we can add multiple items into an array in
a single instance.
If we are trying to add a module or library files in
our program using require or use statement then it will
search that module or library files in the Perl\'s default
search path.

The statement use lib is used to add the directories
to default search path.

So if the module or library file is not located in
the Perl\'s default search path then it will find the
library files in the path we have given with the use lib

print "Pattern push get matched\n";

Lets assume that the text to match is present in a file
say "data.txt".
Following program will print the line containing same
starting and ending word.

open(FILE,"data.txt") or die "cannot open file : $!";

while(<FILE>) {
if($_ =~ /^(\w+)\s+.*?\1$/) {
print "the line is $_ \n";

print caller; 

my $arr_ref=[1,2,3,4,4,elem];
my $ref=[1,2,3,4];
print ref $ref;

ref will return the type of reference.
In this case ref will return as 'ARRAY'. 

Perl is a language and MOD_PERL is a module of Apache used
to enhance the performance of the application. 

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