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open FILEHANDLE - used to open data files and filehandle points to the file that is opened
read FILEHANDLE, SCALAR, LENGTH - used to read from filehandle of length LENGTH and the result is placed in SCALAR.
close FILEHANDLE - closes file after reading is complete.

- Scalars : store single values and are preceded by $ sign
- Arrays: store a list of scalar values and are preceded by @ sign
- Hashes: store associative arrays which use a key value as index instead of numerical indexes. Use % as prefix.

-Arithmetic operators, +, - ,* etc
-Assignment operators: += , -+, *= etc
-Increment/ decrement operators: ++, --
-String concatenation: ‘.’ operator
-comparison operators: ==, !=, >, < , >= etc
-Logical operators: &&, ||, !

@sumarray = (@arr1,@arr2);
We can also use the push function to accomplish the same.

-by setting its length to any –ve number, generally -1
-by assigning null list

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