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We need to define the database and create an instance of Table.

db = MySQLdb.connect( db="testable")
records = Table(db, "test") 

Here the database name is 'testable'. The table from 'testable' which we will query is 'test'. It may be stating the obvious, but before executing the program, you must ensure that you actually have access to a database and table by these names (or whatever names you insert into the program). As usual, one can tweak these lines so that the values are derived from the command line by using sys.argv[1] and sys.argv[2], respectively.

We shall instead take the value of sys.argv[1] as the value for the query. So, import the sys module by adding ", sys" to the line where we imported MySQLdb. If you are doing this in the Python shell, simply type:

>>> import sys 

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