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Creation of RMI-based Server:

  • Create the Servant interface and the Servant component class
  • To host these servant classes create the RMI Server
  • Compile the class files and generate the Skeletons and IDL File
  • Start up the Server

Creation of RMI-based Client:

  • Create the Client class
  • Copy the IIOP Stubs and compile the Client
  • Make sure the Server is running and then startup the Client

In client-server technology / architecture, a server responds to a remote client. A call back is a method invocation from one application (Application A) from another application (Application B), as a result of action that was performed by the Application B earlier. The Application A may run on a client and the Application may run on a server. To perform the call back mechanism the system that Application A runs acts as a Server and that of the Application B runs acts as a client.

Object Activation is a process of providing persistent references to the objects. It also includes the managing the execution of implementing of objects. RMI activates the objects for the execution as and when needed. The appropriate execution is initiated inside the appropriate JVM when the activatable remote object is accessed which is not currently running.

Data in a file can be transferred by using the method getFileContents(filename) in the remote interface.

RMI supports to transfer data that is available in JDOM data objects.

To marshal and unmarshall the parameters involves the object serialization and does not truncate types.

The methods of local object and their bytecodes are not passed directly in the ObjectOutputStream. At times the name of the class of the objects may be needed that is to be loaded by the receiver if at all the class is not available locally. Just like the names of the classes, the class files themselves will not be serialized. All classes must load during the process of deserialization using the normal mechanisms of class loading.

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