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Symbol are same like string but both behaviors is different based on object_id, memory and process time (cpu time) Strings are mutable , Symbols are immutable.

Mutable objects can be changed after assignment while immutable objects can only be overwritten. For example

p "string object jak".object_id #=> 22956070

p "string object jak".object_id #=> 22956030

p "string object jak".object_id #=> 22956090


p :symbol_object_jak.object_id #=> 247378

p :symbol_object_jak.object_id #=> 247378

p :symbol_object_jak.object_id #=> 247378


p " string object jak ".to_sym.object_id #=> 247518

p " string object jak ".to_sym.object_id #=> 247518

p " string object jak ".to_sym.object_id #=> 247518


p :symbol_object_jak.to_s.object_id #=> 22704460

p :symbol_object_jak.to_s.object_id #=> 22687010

p :symbol_object_jak.to_s.object_id #=> 21141310


And also it will differ by process time

For example:

Testing two symbol values for equality (or non-equality) is faster than testing two string values for equality,

Note : Each unique string value has an associated symbol

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