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Iterator is handled using keyword 'each' in ruby.
For example
then we can use iterator as
number.each do |i|
puts i
Above prints the values of an array $no which is accomplished using iterator.

By applying the access modifier : Public , Private and Protected access Modifier

A method that loads and processes the Ruby code from a separate file, including whatever classes, modules, methods, and constants are in that file into the current scope. load is similar, but rather than performing the inclusion operation once, it reprocesses the code every time load is called.

auto_load - Whenever the interpreter call the method that time only it will initiate the method in hat file.

require_relative - It it to load local folder files.

(1) Introduction of bundler (New way to manage your gem
* (2) Gemfile and Gemfile.lock (Where all your gem
dependencies lies, instead of environment.rb)
* (3) A new .rb file in config/ folder, named as
application.rb (Which has everything that previously
environment.rb had)
* (4) Change in SQL Structure: Model.where(:activated => true)
* (5) All the mailer script will now be in app/mailers
folder, earlier we kept inside app/models.
* (6) Rails3-UJS support. for links and forms to work as
AJAX, instead of writing complex lines of code, we write
:remote => true
* (7) HTML 5 support.
* (8) Changes in the model based validation syntax:
validates :name, :presence => true
* (9) Ability to install
windows/ruby/jruby/development/production specific gems to
group :production do
gem 'will_paginate'

Yes 100% we can build application for e-commerce platform for example shopify and we have easily integrate the payment transactions like paypal and authorize.net

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