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Yes. Please email renewals@sencha.com for more information.

No, you need to get under a Standard or Premium support. Silver, gold, diamond or platinum support does not include updates to the next major version. At the time that these support subscriptions were offered, they provided rights to all updates and upgrades within Version 3, with no rights to the next major release (in this case, Version 4 of Ext JS). If you want to move to a standard or premium support, please contact renewals@sencha.com.

Ext JS and Ext GWT have commercial and open source versions. You may download and use Ext JS and Ext GWT free of charge under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPL v3). However, you must comply with the terms of the GPL v3 license. Key terms require that the distribution of your application is licensed under GPL v3 and that you release your source code to your users. If you choose not to comply with the terms of the GPL v3 license, you may purchase a commercial license(s) of the product equal to the number of people developing your application. A Sencha Care support subscription for Ext JS and Ext GWT can be purchased separately.

Yes. Sencha Touch is available free of charge for commercial and open source application development. Embedding Sencha Touch in an application builder or SDK requires a paid OEM license. A Sencha Care support subscription for Sencha Touch is available for purchase separately.

Simply email renewals@sencha.com and we’d be happy to provide a quote.

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