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If you are distributing commercial software built with Sencha Touch for native deployment on an Embedded Device, you may consider our Embedded Device license. This license is free for distributions of less than 5,000 units annually. Please contact us about distributions above that amount. Use of Sencha Touch application through a general purpose web browser is permitted under our standard commercial license and does not require the Embedded Device license.

Embedded Devices include TV’s and devices in cars, refrigerators, cameras, and other specific purpose products (see license). Embedded Devices do not include PC’s, laptops, smartphones, tablets, or other general purpose devices. Embedded Devices prohibitions also do not cover display in a general purpose web browser, regardless of the device.

Distribution of a Sencha Touch application through a general purpose browser, regardless of the device, is free of charge an embedded license is not required. A general purpose web browser has a URL bar and a general browser “chrome”.

The only difference between the standard Commercial License and the Embedded Device Commercial License is that the standard Commercial License prohibits distribution for use on an Embedded Device, apart from use within a general purpose web browser. There is also provision for a fee in the Embedded Device Commercial License where the distribution is over 5,000 units annually.

No. For example, a 1 Developer Pack Sencha Complete software bundle can be used by only one unique developer.

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