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Both apache struts and jakarta struts are one and the same. Struts was originally created by Craig McClanahan and was donated to the Apache Foundation in May, 2000. Its evolve as a Jakarta Project, in early 2004 it become an official Apache Project.

You can use the session object to save the data across different pages for a particular client request using Struts.

Create an appropriate instance of ActionForm that is form bean and store that form bean in session scope. So that it is available to all the pages that for a part of the request.


JSTL, the JavaServer Standard Tag Library, is a set of JSP tags that are designed to make it easier to develop Web applications. JavaServer Faces (JSF) is a specification for a new technology that promises to make it easier to write MVC applications, both for the Web and for the desktop. Both JSTL and JSF are complementary to Struts.

Yes! If your Action does not need any data and it does not need to make any data available to the view or controller component that it forwards to, it doesn’t need a form.
A good example of an Action with no ActionForm is theLogoffAction in the struts example application.

The Validator Framework uses two XML configuration files:
* validator-rules.xml and
* validation.xml.
The validator-rules.xml defines the standard validation routines. These are reusable and used in validation.xml to define the form specific validations. The validation.xml defines the validations applied to a form bean

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