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Yes! Every html form property must have a corresponding FormBean get/set methods. Otherwise you’ll get an error.

A web.xml file is the DD (deployment descriptor) for any web based application while struts-config.xml is for specifically struts based application. A web.xml file establishes connection between application and container whereas struts-config.xml bridges gap between view and controller. A web.xml file is read by container when we start the container. struts-config.xml file is used by init() method of ActionServlet.

Struts tags bind the property value with the Formbean property defined. HTML tags are static and Struts tags are dynamic.

Action class extents org.apache.struts.action.Action which has nothing to do with Servlet.Its a plain java class which is been called/Managed by a well defined framework called Struts.

The core classes of Struts are:
ActionForward, etc.

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