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Event-Driven-Thread or EDT is a special thread in Swing and AWT. Event-Driven Thread is used to draw graphics and listen for events in Swing. You will get a bonus point if you able to highlight that time consuming operations like connecting to database, opening a file or connecting to network should not be done on EDT thread because it could lead to freezing GUI because of blocking and time consuming nature of these operations instead they should be done on separate thread and EDT can just be used to spawn those thread on a button click or mouse click.

This swing interview questions is getting very popular now days. Though it’s pretty basic many developer doesn't understand thread-safetyissue in Swing. Since Swing components are not thread-safe it means you can not update these components in any thread other than Event-Driven-Thread. If you do so you will get unexpected behavior. Some time interviewer will also ask what are thread-safe methods in swing which can be safely called from any thread only few like repaint() and revalidate().

Now comes harder part of swing interviews, questions asked in this part of Swing interview is mostly about writing code and checking developer’s capability of API familiarity, key concept of swing code etc.

JTable is one of favorite topic of all Swing interviews and most popular questions on swing interviews are from JTable why? Because here interviewer will directly asked you to write code another reason is JTable heavily used in all Electronic trading GUI. GUI used for online stock trading uses JTable to show data in tabular format so an in depth knowledge of JTable is required to work on online trading GUI developed in Swing. While this question is just an example questions around JTable are mostly centered around updating table, how do you handle large volume of data in table, using customize cell renderer and editor, sorting table data based on any column etc. so just make sure you have done quite a few handsone exercise on JTable before appearing for any java swing interview in IB.

After JTable second favorite topic of swing interviewer is GridBagLayout. GridBagLayout in swing is most powerful but at same time most complex layout and a clear cut experience and expertise around GridBagLayout is desired for developing Swing GUI for trading systems. No matter whether you are developing GUI for equities trading, futures or options trading or forex trading you always required GridBagLayout. Swing interview question on GridBagLayout will be mostly on writing code for a particular layout just like an example shown here. In which six buttons A, B, C, D, E and F are organized in certain fashion.

This one is one of the easy java swing interview question. Interviewer is interested on whether you know the basic principle of Java GUI development or not. answer is you should not do this operation in EDT thread instead spawn a new thread from actionListener or button and disable the button until operation gets completed to avoid resubmitting request. Only condition is that your GUI should always be responsive no matter what happens on network connection or database connection because these operations usually take time.

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