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Normally there are 5 views.

  • Use Case view – This view exposes the requirements of a system.
  • Design View – Capturing the vocabulary.
  • Process View – modeling the distribution of the systems processes and threads.
  • Implementation view – addressing the physical implementation of the system.
  • Deployment view – focus on the modeling the components required for deploying the system


  • Model is a simplification of reality.
  • Blueprint of the actual system.
  • Specify the structural and behavior of the system.
  • Templates for designing the system.
  • Helps document the system.

A component diagram is particularly useful with teams of larger size. UML components are great to perform architectural landscape for a specific system. The component diagram allows to model high level software components and interfaces to those components. The sub team’s effort is very less, once the interfaces are perfectly designed and accepted by the team members.

  1. Actor: Actor represents an external user / end user who interact with the system.
  2. Object: Object is represented by one of components of the system.
  3. Unit: A unit is a subsystem, or a sub component or other entity within the system.
  4. Separator: Separator represents a boundary among sub systems, components or units.
  5. Group: Represents different header elements in the subsystem.

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