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StrReverse(String):- This function reverse the specified string.

Dim Str,RStr As String

Kill(File name with path):- This method deletes the said file/files from the disk. The name of the file to be deleted is passed to this method as string type arguments. Files are simply deleted and not moved to recycle-bin. The use of wild card(* and /) is permitted in this function.

Kill("C:\Files\abc.txt") This will delete the file abc.txt locates in C:\Files\
Kill("C:\Files\*.txt") This will delete all the files with .txt extension from C:\Files\

Option Strict

Option Explicit

In the code example below, the function "FindData" will return list("sublist") of the objects having matchingKey same as viewstate value.
Dim sublist As List(Of MyClass)
sublist = allClient.FindAll(AddressOf FindData) 'sublist will contain objects matching specified matching condition

Function FindData(ByVal b As MyClass) _
As Boolean
If (b.matchingKey = CInt(ViewState("matchingKey "))) Then 'matching condition
Return True
Return False
End If
End Function

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