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There are two ways to install .NET assembly in GAC:-

=> Using Microsoft Installer Package. You can get download of installer from
=> Using Gacutil. Goto "Visual Studio Command Prompt" and type "gacutil -i
(assembly_name)", where (assembly_name) is the DLL name of the project.

Strong name is similar to GUID(It is supposed to be unique in space and time) in COM
components.Strong Name is only needed when we need to deploy assembly in GAC. Strong
Names helps GAC to differentiate between two versions. Strong names use public key cryptography
(PKC) to ensure that no one can spoof it.PKC use public key and private key concept.

GAC (Global Assembly Cache) is used where shared .NET assembly reside. GAC is used in the
following situations :-

=> If the application has to be shared among several application.

=> If the assembly has some special security requirements like only administrators
can remove the assembly. If the assembly is private then a simple delete of
assembly the assembly file will remove the assembly.

Versioning concept is only applicable to global assembly cache (GAC) as private assembly lie in
their individual folders.

Version information is stored in assembly in manifest.

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