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When we process your CLA, we need to grant the appropriate privileges to your user. To do this, we need to know your username.

If you are contributing code as an individual- and not as part of your job at a company- you should sign the individual CLA. If you are contributing code as part of your responsibilities as an employee at a company, you should submit a corporate CLA with the names of all co-workers that you foresee contributing to the project.

By signing a CLA, the person contributing source code provides a copyright license to Zend to use the source code he or she submitted to the Zend Framework project. By doing so, the contributor does not give up his or her own rights or copyright to his or her own code, but provides us with a copyright license. In addition, the purpose of the CLA is to clearly define the terms under which intellectual property has been contributed to Zend Framework and to make sure that, to the best of the contributor's knowledge, he or she is entitled to make such contribution and is not violating anyone else's intellectual property.

The CLA protects all users including individuals, small and medium businesses, and large corporations. By having a CLA in place, we mitigate the risk that companies who claim intellectual property infringement may demand royalties or fees from users of Zend Framework, whether individuals or companies. This is especially important for companies basing their business or products on Zend Framework. The Zend Framework CLA helps to ensure that code and other IP in Zend Framework remains free.

CLA's for contributors under the age of 18 should be signed by both the contributor and the contributor's legal guardian.

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