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Zend Technologies provides a comprehensive set of services for Zend Framework, including:

  •     Support
  •     Training
  •     Consulting
  •     Certification 

We've examined ZF1 from the view point of its architecture, as well as the use cases developers have adopted. In many cases, we simply cannot support existing use cases, or the architecture needs to change in order to do so. Additionally, since ZF1 grew very organically, there are many places where similar solutions to similar problems are inconsistent, leading to difficulty educating developers. In Zend Framework 2 we’ve used a consistent set of coding patterns and practices and we’ve taken into account the generally acknowledged best practices for writing efficient, reliable, and high-performing software. 

Some highlights:

  •     An entirely re-written event-driven MVC layer
  •     Dependency injection support
  •     A powerful module management system
  •     An EventManager, for writing event-driven systems, as well as for creating cut points in your software for introducing cross-cutting concerns.
  •     A new view layer, architected around analyzing the request and generating a suitable response, be it plain old HTML, or Atom feeds or JSON.

Zend Framework 2 Beta 3 is the current release. There will be a feature-complete beta in spring 2012. Official general availability is planned for summer 2012. 

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