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The main Zip installation step is plugging it in. The drive uses DB-25 connectors and, so, most likely, the cable will plug directly into your interface card with no need for an adapter. In case you need an adapter for an older 50-pin plug, these can be obtained from Alltech. If you already have other SCSI devices, the one currently plugged into the interface can plug into the Zip. Or, the Zip can be plugged into a hard disk, CD-ROM, etc. at any point in the chain of SCSI devices.

Once your drive is connected, its time to start your machine and prepare a Zip disk for use. The Advanced Disk Utility (on a IIgs) or the utility that came with your SCSI card can do formatting and set up partitions (i.e. create named "Volumes"). Usually, with new for-PC Disks, just partitioning is required for use under ProDOS. Each 100MB disk can hold three max-size (32MB) ProDOS partitions. If your interface is a RamFAST rev. D 3.

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You certainly can. There are some tricks in getting it to work and be usable under the MacOS environment, but they are pretty easy. First of all, the device-files (slice31) for the Zip drive needs to be readable and writable by the person using the MacOS. If you are the sole user of the A/UX machine, then it's easy: chown yourname /dev/rdsk/cXd0s31 /dev/dsk/cXd0s31 where 'X' is the SCSI ID of the Zip.

There are frequently asked questions about the IOmega ZIP drive. One question will be answered here: 'Yes, it works with NEXTSTEP'. For other question I'd like to point you to the ZIP-drive FAQ: http://www.radical.com/TheSolutions/RadicalSolution4.html If you are going to use large drives (greater 2GB) you need to partition this drive (true at least for OS versions up to 4.0). These are the common ways to go without too much trouble and it provides an very easy way for 4GB drives under NS3.3.

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