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File sizes are listed on each application's page, near the Buy button.

An in app purchase is an additional purchase you make within a paid application.

1. Select your device on the left side of the iTunes window.
2. Click the Applications tab.
3. Select Sync applications.
4. Click the Selected applications button.
5. Deselect the applications you wish to remove.
6. Click Apply.

To remove an app from the Dock, drag it out of the Dock. This does not remove the app from your Applications folder. To re-add it to the Dock, drag it from the Applications folder back to the Dock.

The MailOnline iPhone app is sold exclusively through Apple's iTunes or AppStore.

To get the MailOnline iPhone app:

  • Click on the iPhone's app store icon.
  • Search for "MailOnline" or go to the "News" category and click on the "Free" button, then on "Install".
  • You will need to enter your iTunes account password to download it from the iTunes app store.
  • The app will download automatically to your iPhone.
  • Tap the icon to launch. 

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