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How do I update content and/or design?

The Client Sign Up feature (a free add-on) allows you to request your client’s email address and phone number when they launch your app. You can view the email addresses and phone numbers you’ve received via our online CMS system and download the results as an excel file for future reference.

Yes, you can upload your own images for use as button icons and backgrounds. Background images must be 320 (width) x 460 (height) pixels in PNG format. Button images must be 100 (width) x 80 (height) pixels in PNG format.

The functionalities available through our SwebApps Basic and SwebApps Pro platforms are identical. SwebApps Pro apps feature custom design elements developed by our in-house designers based on your brand and feedback. These custom elements include:

  • A custom app icon (for the App Store/Android Market and iPhone/Android home screen)
  • A custom loading page (the image that displays as your app launches)
  • A custom background image for your app homepage
  • Custom button images for your app homepage
  • A custom button layout (if desired)

For pricing information and examples of SwebApps Pro apps, please see our pricing page.

If you're interested in adding a feature not currently available through SwebApps, we can often provide a cost and time estimate to develop the feature as a custom SwebApps button. In many cases, however, adding custom features requires developing an entirely custom app. For quotes and custom feature inquiries please contact us directly.

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