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SwebApps apps created for iPhone must be uploaded to your own iOS Developer Account, which will enable you to set any price you choose for the app. If you wish to charge for an Android app, you'll need to create an Android Developer Account. Once your app is available in the iTunes store and/or Android Market, any revenues from the sale of your app will be split between you and Apple and/or Google without any involvement from SwebApps.

We require that any organization requesting the non-profit discount prove their non-profit status. For US non-profits, we verify based on Tax ID number. For international organizations, please send documentation verifying your non-profit status to support@swebapps.com. We will verify and approve international non-profits on a case-by-case basis.

All apps built through the SwebApps platform rely upon media and data stored on cloud servers. Hosting on cloud servers allows our apps to be updated in real time, without re-submitting updates to Apple and requiring users to download an update. With our approach, you can be confident that your users will always see the most up-to-date content every time they launch your app. Hosting app files in the cloud also allows you to change background and button designs without submitting an update to Apple.

No. Apps developed through the SwebApps platform are built to interface with our content management system (CMS) and cloud servers to ensure that up-to-date content is available to your users. For that reason, we require use of our hosting.

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