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jQuery Mobile comes from the same community that builds jQuery Core & UI. So ultimately one should expect to have all the UI Components available with the Web Framework on Mobile.

Next is the ability of the framework to bring in Native-like UI Controls, Elements and Transitions to the supported devices. And this comes inherently from the Framework, with huge abstraction to the Developer from any related Javascript and/or CSS

Sencha Touch is a powerful Javascript Framework for Mobile Web Applications. jQuery Mobile differs in 2 main aspects with respect to other competent frameworks:

  • Sencha Touch and other similar frameworks are primarily targeted for Touch Screen and high end Devices. But jQuery Mobile covers a broader spectrum and promises to support a huge range of Smartphones, which makes it suitable for certain Business cases
  • jQuery Mobile abstracts (almost) all the Javascript from the Web Developer. As long as the HTML is semantically developed as per the jQuery Mobile Specifications, the big job of transforming them into Javascript/CSS is handled by the framework

The only downside I can think of right now - is the inability to “progressively” integrate jQuery Mobile with existing Web Pages.

By this it means that if you want your existing Web Page, that doesn’t obey the jQuery Mobile HTML Semantics to use a jQuery Mobile UI Element like a Slider – then it wouldn’t work. I see this as a drawback because all the existing Web Pages must be rewritten to obey the framework Semantics, which is a pain

jQuery Mobile follows the Theming framework which works well with jQuery UI for customization. So, the answer is Yes – customization is possible with Theming

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